Wedding Painting

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Live Wedding Painting

It is a painting of you and your partner in your wedding done in the moment of the event itself – an irreplaceable token of memory from one of the most important event of your life.

While reintroducing the most original method of capturing the moment, it is also a form of live performance where you and your guest witness the progress of the painting throughout the event.

How does it work?

You can check my availability on your chosen date by sending in an enquiry. Upon confirming your booking, we can set up a consultation on the details of the painting 2 – 3 weeks prior to the date of your event.

I am prepared to be on the site of your venue for at least 5 hours. I will start painting the background on-site 2 hours before your moment and continue 3 hours more during the event.

The painting will then be displayed for the rest of your event before I take it back to the studio to touch up if necessary and apply varnishing and wiring.

We will arrange for pick up or shipping of the painting within 2 weeks after your event

Live Wedding Favors

Impress your guest with these live custom portraits of them at your event. These unique wedding favors will provide an additional entertainment during your wedding.

The portraits are in a minimalistic faceless style with a pre-painted decorative wreath. Each individual portraits are painted live in an average time of 5 minutes. 

Each portrait will be done on quality 300gsm postcard size cold pressed paper and painted with artist grade watercolour paint.

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Post Wedding Paintings

Convert your favorite wedding photo into a painting. I am able to combine elements from a few photos or superimpose some elements into the painting. Suitable for couples who do not have a budget allocated for live wedding painting or did not find out about this service till post wedding.

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