1st Live Wedding Painting in Malaysia – All you need to know

Live Wedding Painting, something that started in the US years ago made it one of the top wedding trends in Brides and The Knot. It has finally come to Malaysia but many might be baffled – What is live wedding painting? I am not a great writer but I hope to help my fellow Malaysians and neighbouring countries (Hi Singaporeans, Thai and Indonesian friends) understand more about this service.

What is Live Wedding Painting?

Even though it is hard to believe that it is possible, the term live wedding painting is rather self explanatory. It literally means a painting that is painted live during a wedding. Sounds impossible? Not anymore!

Credit: Photo: Liz Banfield https://www.southernliving.com/general/southern-weddings-ideas-beth-graham

An artist sets up their easel, canvas and art supplies at the event and paints the moment or scene that includes the newlywed, the setting of the venue, the décor and possibly the guests. The whole process takes a minimum of 5 hours.

The style of painting is closest to impressionism where the painting is done spontaneously with the purpose of capturing the impression of the moment rather than a realistic representation of each element. This is something very important to understand before hiring a live wedding painter.

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Credit: Artist: Cleveland Event Painter by Jacqueline Delbrocco https://www.clevelandeventpainter.com/live-event-paintings/

Why do you need it?

Wedding keepsake 

It is an artwork of your special moment painted during the moment. That alone makes it irreplaceable. Imagine looking at the paintings a year later, 5 years later and 10 years later and see the moment again from the eyes of an artist. Think of it as going back to the original method of capturing memories.

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Credit: Artist: Mary-Ann Wiggill https://southboundbride.com/lavender-fields-wedding-inspiration-2/

Unique form of entertainment 

The function of a live wedding painter is in between a photographer/ videographer and an entertainer. Guests are welcome to watch, take pictures and witness the painting come together throughout the event. It is an extra element of excitement shared between the newlyweds and the guests.

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Credit: Artist: Andy Greenlee https://rusticbride.com/wedding-ideas/live-wedding-painting/

Fits into any wedding scale 

The main focus of a live painting is the newlywed and their moment, the number of guests isn’t a factor. The artist can remove or superimpose elements in or out of the artwork. It would fit into any scale of wedding whether it is grand, mini, micro and so on. Not to mention it will be completely socially distancing as the artist needs a small space to work and can work away from the crowd and newlywed if needed.

Makes a wonderful gift

Whether it is a surprise from the newlyweds for each other, a wedding gift for a close friend or family or a meaningful heirloom for the elderly, a live wedding painting makes a beautiful gift. I am also open to making canvas copies of the end product if the couple wish to share the prints of their painting to their family.

The golden question: How much does it cost?

According to brides the average price is USD 2399. It goes up to USD 6000, uhuh I am not kidding. In Malaysia you can get it for as low as MYR1600.

You can find more details on my rates here: https://sophia.ng/wedding-painting/

I am open to traveling within East Malaysia, West Malaysia, Singapore and more with a travel fee. 

Just send in an enquiry via the form on my website if you have any questions, I am happy to answer them. Can’t wait to hear from you guys.

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